Transformation through Faithful Friendship


1. a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

The most incredible and compelling transformations I’ve ever seen have happened in the lives of other human beings. This kind of transformation often takes place in the context of friendship. Encouragement, trust, vulnerability, and loving moments where hard truths are spoken all combine to become a sort of cocoon, a safe place for life transformation to happen. 

Our friend Keith recently shared with us about the transformation that has taken place in his own life.


Keith, a guest of Atlanta Mission“I came to Atlanta Mission broken, wounded, and sad. In my time at Atlanta Mission, I found a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and it has made me glad.

I’m glad about the transformation of my mind. I’m glad about pursuing my job to the best of my ability. I’m glad about being in a clean and sober state of mind. I’m glad about food to eat and clothing on my back. I’m glad about my own place to live in.

Atlanta Mission stands for transforming lives. Surely it has transformed my life and ended my homelessness. I’m willing to use all that Atlanta Mission has taught me to give back to others so that their lives can be transformed.”


At Atlanta Mission’s campuses, we see life transformation every day. For someone experiencing homelessness like Keith, it may begin with a hot meal and a night of shelter. When combined with the consistent and intentional friendship of staff, volunteers, and other guests, change often begins.

One of the best ways to support life transformation at Atlanta Mission is to become a Faithful Friend. Faithful Friends are donors who provide critically needed support to Atlanta Mission on a monthly basis to help end homelessness, one friend at a time. This is a powerful way to walk alongside the men, women, and children at our campuses.

Your gift would provide consistent support for food, shelter, educational services, job attainment, counseling, and much more! Will you help create the environment that life transformation takes place in?



Skip the Yard Sale! Donate Your Items to Atlanta Mission

You may not use that extra waffle iron anymore, but if you donate it to our Atlanta Mission Thrift Stores, we could turn that old appliance into funds to actually help people.

When you clean out your home this year, keep Atlanta Mission at the forefront of your mind and your donations. We need your households goods, outgrown toys and clothing that no longer fits to help fund the work we do to serve the area’s homeless.

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How Volunteering Can Help Save a Life

There are close to 7,000 homeless people in Atlanta and Atlanta Mission is dedicated to helping those men, women and children.

Of these 7,000 friends, neighbors and family members, less than half find somewhere to sleep at night. These are sad statistics to wake up to each day, but together, we can make a difference. If you’ve ever thought the time you spend volunteering with Atlanta Mission wasn’t appreciated, that it didn’t alter at least one person’s life in a positive way — you’re wrong. You make a difference. And the time you spend helping prepare and serve food, answer phones or cut and style hair makes a difference. When you volunteer at one of our homeless shelters in Atlanta, you impact lives in positive ways, and at Atlanta Mission, we want you to know just how important you are.

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Back to School

It’s that time of year again! Groggy teenagers are having the sheets pulled off of them as their alarms sound to no avail. The combination of coffee and carpool lines have been reintroduced into many of your lives. Meanwhile, at Atlanta Mission, our kids are literally jumping with excitement as they head back to school.

Atlanta Mission Kids Head Back to School

For some of them, this is the first time they’ve gone to school while living in a safe and secure environment. No more couch surfing. No more sleeping in the back of mom’s van. They’re eating three meals a day now. Our kids are being tutored and are receiving counseling. Their moms are in life skills classes, gaining more tools and wisdom to support and walk alongside their children. They’re receiving more than just an education. They’re receiving a transformed life.

You can be a part of this transformation. A gift of $10 a month helps to provide a quality education for our kids and a safe place to come home to. Become a Faithful Friend to children facing homelessness. Click here to find out more.

From Homeless to Entrepreneur: Glenn’s Story

The journey from growing up in Illinois, to homeless in Atlanta, to owning his own company has not come easy. But for Glenn Stevenson, an Atlanta Mission alumni, attaining a job and his own place to live was not a big enough dream.

Glenn arrived at the bus station in Atlanta in 2013 with two bags and no place to go. When his housing fell through, he wasn’t sure what to do or where to go, but someone saw him and suggested Atlanta Mission’s The Shepherd’s Inn.

He came to our emergency shelter, successfully completed our job attainment program, and received valuable job preparation help from the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency, where he developed a resume and interview skills. For the past two years, he has been working diligently at his full time job with a nationwide facilities management company at a large site here in Atlanta, while also preparing to launch his own cleaning company.

Glenn’s dream came true this spring when his company, Stevenson Janitorial Services, celebrated its grand opening. Glenn’s homelessness has ended, as he has stable housing in the heart of Atlanta, and his future is filled with more big dreams. While he is already an employer with a couple of employees, he dreams of continuing to grow his company and serving other Atlanta businesses through his services. A sincere, “thank you!” from Glenn to all who helped bridge the gap between his homelessness and a bright new future.


Give Hope. Give Monthly.

At Atlanta Mission we are Ending Homelessness, one friend at a time. One of the most significant gifts we receive is the faithful support from our Monthly Donors. The gifts of our Faithful Friends provide consistent support for food, shelter, educational services, job attainment, counseling, and much more!

The Perks

Automatic Monthly Donations
Simplify your giving by linking your bank account or credit card.

End Homelessness
Join others in funding everything a person needs to find a fresh start.

See Your Impact
Get updates about the lives transformed through your generosity.

Atlanta Mission Swag
With a gift of $10 a month or more, you will receive our Faithful Friend Welcome Kit which includes an Atlanta Mission tervis tumbler.


Click here to become a monthly donor or to find out more.


A Name and a Handshake

She was standing there, quietly sobbing when I walked past her. I attempted to ignore that uncomfortable, gnawing, helpless feeling I get  when I pass someone holding a “Hungry, please help” sign. I had excuses. After all, I was running late to a meeting and about to miss my train. Yet, God tapped me on the shoulder and I knew I had to go back. 

I walked up to the girl, a weary teenager.

“My name is Bonnie, what’s yours?”

“Shameka…I’d almost forgotten that I had a name.”

I let this sink in and as my heart grieved over this last statement, her face transformed and the tears stopped. Something as simple as asking her name and shaking her hand reminded her of her dignity and humanity. 

She was just like me. We had different backgrounds and different experiences, but we both had the same need, to be acknowledged and seen as a person, someone worthy of having a name. 

ShamekaThat simple question, “What’s your name?”, led to an unexpected friendship that summer, one that changed us both. 

It feels easier sometimes to look away or to pretend to be busy when we see someone out holding a sign on the street. But the simple act of asking someone’s name and shaking their hand can make a world of difference.

Called Out of Darkness to Serve Others with Love

VeronicaVeronica arrived at Atlanta Mission two years ago, needing hope and a fresh start for her family. She shared her story of transformation with us last year.  She now wanted to share an update about all that God is doing in her life. 

After graduating from Atlanta Mission’s My Sister’s House one year ago, staff members challenged Veronica to take part in a year-long ministry training program at My Sister’s House. Though initially resistant, Veronica prayed, and God led her to take part in the training. She is so thankful that He did.

“The ministry program has really transformed me to give me a heart to serve.” 

As part of the program, Veronica worked in the kitchen at The Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children, where she learned humility and how to surrender control to God. This work also gave her a heart to serve those on the fringes of society and set the stage for what God was calling her to next.

“I can see a change in me as a professional and as a Christian.”


Veronica worked as a nurse for over 30 years prior to coming to Atlanta Mission. She did not expect to have an opportunity to return to her skilled profession. However, our God is a God of the unexpected and He placed her in a position as a Registered Nurse in the busy trauma center of a local Atlanta hospital. 

Her time in the ministry training program provided her with the tools to face life and death situations on a daily basis with compassion and peace. She learned to talk with God daily, moment to moment even. “I know God is the final author of every story and that He’s in control in the lives of my patients.” 

When asked about how she approaches nursing differently now, Veronica shares, “Previously, I felt like I was out there chasing money. I was very dissatisfied…Now, I’m at peace. I have a desire to really serve the people I work with. It is no longer a financial means for me. It is now a calling.”

During her free time, Veronica is working towards launching “Serve a Soul Save a Soul Ministry”. While at My Sister’s House, God gave Veronica a vision to join her culinary degree with her passion for people, to serve meals to those still living on the streets of Atlanta. “Not only do I want to nourish their bodies, but also, feed their souls.”

Looking to the future, Veronica wants to continue to serve those living in difficult circumstances. Whether bringing friendship and meals cooked with love to those in need or sitting at the bedside of a frightened patient, she believes that we need to meet people where they are and to fulfill God’s calling to love and serve.

And, maybe they will also find hope and a fresh start through Veronica’s transformed life and her love…

Wednesday Wins

Happy Wednesday! We have so many exciting things going on at Atlanta Mission this week. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Every Friday, including this coming up Friday, we have a group from Northwest Exterminating that comes and reads to our kids. This is a special time for our kids because this group has been coming consistently for a year and have been able to build relationships with our staff and our kids.
  • Johnson Ferry Baptist Church will be hosting another movie night with the men on Saturday.
  • Our Food Service Director, Pat Walker graduated with her associates degree in hospitality, and not only did she graduate, she graduated with honors.
  • Another special highlight for us is that two of our employees who are celebrating their one year work anniversary at Atlanta Mission were former clients. We love to see how God transforms their lives here and calls them to serve here.

Thats it for this week! We wish each of you could step through the doors of our shelters and experience the transforming power of Christ that happens every day in our friends who stay with us, our staff, and our partners.

Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day and at Atlanta Mission Mother’s Day is special for us. For some of the women living with us this may be the first time they have spent a Mother’s Day sober. For some it’s the first Mother’s Day they have spent it with their kids, and for others who aren’t mothers, it’s the first time they have reconnected with their mother.

We love celebrating the women who live in our shelters for their bravery to do the hard thing and change their lives for the better, today we say Happy Mother’s Day!

A couple of months ago we took these photos of one of our moms who just had this sweet little one…enjoy!






Denise’s Story

Today Denise – one of our Ambassadors is sharing about her journey at Atlanta Mission. Denise has been crucial in building relationships with the ladies at our Day Shelter. 

Blessed Assurance is one of those songs that will never grow old because it has such depth. Some of the lyrics go like this:

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! Oh what a foretaste of glory divine!

Heir of salvation purchase of God, Born of His Spirit washed in His Blood.

This is my story this is my song, praising my savior all the daylong.

I never truly and fully knew what worshiping Christ was like till the day I could sing this song during a worship time next to someone who to the world had nothing, but to them, they had everything in Christ.

Two years is how long I’ve worked at the mission. That’s 17,520 hours, give or take. I’ve had the privilege of not only working at My Sister’s House as a program assistant, but at the Atlanta Day Shelter as an ambassador. That means I’ve had the privilege to talk with hundreds of women. I’ve had the opportunity to be a listening ear for their stories and testimonies.

I’ve talked with women who have been on the run from someone that could potentially kill them. I’ve talked with women who lost everything they’ve ever had, right down to every family member. I’ve talked with women who decided that, just for a moment, they wanted to be able to forget everything that has happened to them, and picked a drug of choice to ease that pain. I’ve talked with girls who had to become women far too early in their lives due to their circumstances.

The thing, though, is that in this mess of life and circumstances, there is something beautiful waiting to rescue these women, and us all— that’s Jesus Christ. At Atlanta Mission, we believe in that restoration. Just like the prayer for restoration in Psalms, it is something that is prayed over the people we get to serve on a daily basis. This is life transformation in its messy loveliness. At the end of the day, we are all in our mess of life and need that healing power of the hand of God. I’ve seen that woman that was on the run, run right into the loving arms of her Father. I’ve seen that woman that lost everything, find wholeness in Christ. I’ve seen that woman go from needing one more hit, to needing just one more worship song. I’ve seen the girl that had to become a woman too young, become a woman of God.

OH Yes, this is *OUR* story, this is our song, praising our savior all the daylong.


Easter Week: Transformation Stories Continued

It is Maundy Thursday of Holy Week. During this day Jesus washed his disciples feet. This was a way for Jesus to set an example for his disciples that serving one another was of utmost importance. His act of washing his disciples feet was considered offensive, because their feet would have been so dirty. If Jesus were walking the earth today we know He would be at our shelters washing the feet of everyone who steps through our doors.

Watch Veronica’s story of transformation and see how she met Jesus at Atlanta Mission. We hope you all have an amazing Easter!

Easter Week: Transformation Stories

Transformation is what we are all about at Atlanta Mission and Easter week is a time for all of us to reflect on transformation in our own lives, and transformation in the lives of our friends who stay at our shelters. We are reminded that without Jesus this transformation is not possible. Join us in celebrating these lives that have been transformed at Atlanta Mission.

Jim Reese is Honored With The Kiwanis Golden Rule Award

The recipient of the 2015 Golden Rule Award, presented by the Kiwanis Club of Atlanta, was Jim Reese, our President and CEO.
The Kiwanis Club of Atlanta presented Jim the Golden Rule Award in recognition of his “demonstration of selfless sacrifice, dedicated service and committed leadership to the Atlanta Community.” This is reflective of the second Object of Kiwanis International which states:
“To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships”
Jim joins a long line of community leaders who have previously received this reward, including Truett Cathy, Bill Bolling, and many more. We are excited and congratulate Jim on how he has led Atlanta Mission for the past 7 years and how he continues to shine a light all around this community.

Become a Monthly Donor and Help End Homelessness

Ending homelessness in Atlanta is no small task. Each day, approximately 1,000 men, women, and children come through our front door seeking help and hope. Meanwhile, a growing group of donors known as “Faithful Friends” are making a consistent impact in each of their lives.

Faithful Friends are donors who provide critically needed support on a monthly basis to help end homelessness, one friend at a time. Committing to give monthly is a powerful way to walk alongside each one of the men, women, and children on their journey.

A monthly gift provides:

  • Shelter & Security
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Educational Services
  • Childcare
  • Career Development
  • Counseling & Discipleship
  • And much more!

Would you commit to providing hope and the chance at a fresh start through an automatic, tax-deductible gift?

To sign up to become a Faithful Friend:

1. Click the button below.
2. Enter the amount you would like to give
3. Select “Yes, automatically repeat this gift every month.”

As a Faithful Friend of Atlanta Mission, you will receive regular email updates about lives transformed because of your donations, and you will see the names and faces of those finding hope after homelessness. To find out more, visit

Together, we can help end homelessness.

Race Day Info!

FAQ and Day of Information

Online registration will be paused an hour before and during race packet pick-up. If you would like to register for the race during those times, please do so at the designated store.

Online Registration will close at noon on Friday, February 19th. In person registration will be available on race morning between 7 and 8am.

Walk-up registration is available on the day of the race, however, the registration fee will increase from $30 to $35.

Packet Pickup

Thursday, February 18th, 11am – 1:30pm
Fidelity Bank – Powers Ferry
2401 Windy Ridge Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339

Thursday, February 18th, 4 – 7pm
Big Peach Running Co. Town Brookhaven
705 Town Blvd, Ste. 340
Atlanta, GA 30319

Friday, February 19th, 4 – 7pm
Big Peach Running Co. Midtown
800 Peachtree St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

In order to pick up another participant’s packet, you must bring either a printed copy or email on a mobile device of their registration confirmation.

Parking Info

If you are driving to the race, there are garages listed below. Another travel option is to take MARTA to Philips Arena.

$7 per car at either parking garage:

World of Coca-Cola Garage:
178 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd Atlanta, GA 30313

Georgia Aquarium Parking Garage (two entrances):
357 Luckie Street Atlanta, GA 30313

248 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd Atlanta, GA 30313

$10 per car at the following parking garage:

American Cancer Society Garage:
113 Baker St NW Atlanta, GA 30313

Course Map

5K Course Map

For all other information visit 

“Run In The Cold For Those Who Sleep In The Cold”


Did you know… Atlanta Mission serves over 1,000 of these men, women and children every single day. The downtown men’s shelter alone is a refuge for over 400 men on a daily basis. We hope you will join us this February as donors, volunteers, community members and Atlanta Mission clients run side by side in the race to end homelessness.

Your registration fee and fundraising supports warm shelter and life transformation. In the past year, Atlanta Mission: 

  • Served over 713,967 meals
  • Provided 265,357 bed nights
  • Assisted 264 clients in attaining employment
  • Transformed the lives of 647 men, women, and children as their homelessness was ended

We want you to be a part of this! Register here!