Kevin’s Story of Transformation

The way Kevin sees it, God wanted him at Atlanta Mission . . . someday. It just took almost 40 years to get there. Kevin’s difficult journey began in infancy, when his father left. It got worse when he was about 7, when a babysitter began abusing him and his brother. The abuse continued for years, and when the boys were teens, they both dove into drugs to mask their shame and pain. Kevin continued using and abusing — mostly…

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Important Items to Donate this Winter

group of people at donation box

Fall and early winter are the perfect time of year to donate items to local shelters. As the weather becomes colder and holidays approach, the need for services and items that shelters provide increases. If you’re interested in helping serve the population of Atlanta, here are some of the most important items you could donate now. Winter Clothing The need for winter clothing usually piques during winter — especially at the beginning of the season. Not only do regulars need…

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Reasons to Clean Before the Holiday Season Begins

man holding stack of clothes

The holiday season seems to begin earlier and earlier every year. There is so much to do to prepare for whichever holidays you and your family celebrate. However, there is one additional task that you should take the time to do. You should do a quick clean out of unused items. Why? Here are seven reasons (and I’m sure you can think of others, too!) Why You Should Clean • You Will Be Bringing in New Items – Even if…

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Marica’s Story of Transformation

It’s hard to believe anyone could survive the things Marica has been through . . . physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Beaten and abused, broken and bruised, crushed every which way till her body and soul were almost shattered beyond repair. But today, thanks to your support, Marica now knows the true joy, grace, and good news of Christmas . . . Marica’s story began in early childhood when she was sexually abused, a pattern that continued through her teens. Rather…

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Transformation through Faithful Friendship

Keith, a guest of Atlanta Mission

trans·for·ma·tion ˌtran(t)sfərˈmāSH(ə)n/ noun 1. a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. The most incredible and compelling transformations I’ve ever seen have happened in the lives of other human beings. This kind of transformation often takes place in the context of friendship. Encouragement, trust, vulnerability, and loving moments where hard truths are spoken all combine to become a sort of cocoon, a safe place for life transformation to happen.  Our friend Keith recently shared with us about the transformation that has taken…

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How We Prepare Clients for Life After Homelessness

females shaking hands before interview

Atlanta Mission is dedicated to helping disadvantaged families take back their lives, but we offer so much more than just a safe place to sleep at night. When you donate to Atlanta Mission, you help parents find jobs to support their children. You help young men beat drug and alcohol addiction. You help Atlanta’s youth receive an excellent education. Our impact is long-term and permanent and so much more than just a Band-Aid solution. If you wonder where your money…

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Skip the Yard Sale! Donate Your Items to Atlanta Mission

You may not use that extra waffle iron anymore, but if you donate it to our Atlanta Mission Thrift Stores, we could turn that old appliance into funds to actually help people. When you clean out your home this year, keep Atlanta Mission at the forefront of your mind and your donations. We need your households goods, outgrown toys and clothing that no longer fits to help fund the work we do to serve the area’s homeless.

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Clay’s Story of Transformation

by: Clay “The way I see it, serving meals is a ministry to people who are in need.” Thanksgiving might still be a couple months away, but I’m already thinking about it. After all, it’s my job. As one of the head chefs at Atlanta Mission — I oversee the kitchen at The Shepherd’s Inn, our downtown men’s facility — I am responsible for all those ingredients, and for preparing tens of thousands of meals between now and Thanksgiving Day.…

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How Volunteering Can Help Save a Life

There are close to 7,000 homeless people in Atlanta and Atlanta Mission is dedicated to helping those men, women and children. Of these 7,000 friends, neighbors and family members, less than half find somewhere to sleep at night. These are sad statistics to wake up to each day, but together, we can make a difference. If you’ve ever thought the time you spend volunteering with Atlanta Mission wasn’t appreciated, that it didn’t alter at least one person’s life in a…

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Hope Begins With A Meal

In Atlanta Mission kitchens every day meals are being served and hope is being restored. You can provide hope today. Just $2.67 provides a meal for a homeless neighbor in need 

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Kim & Clyde’s Story of Transformation

Up from the Ashes “Mommy and Daddy are the paper,” said 9-year-old Tyshaun, “but I’m the glue. I’m going to hold this family together.” Tyshaun was just 9 years old when she and her mom and sister had to sleep on the streets. “It was scary,” she remembers. Tyshaun’s father, Clyde, had just gone to jail for forgery. Her mother, Kim, had just been released, after serving time for writing bad checks. Both parents struggled with alcoholism, and the family…

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The Light: August 2016


Up from the Ashes

“Mommy and Daddy are the paper,” said 9-year-old Tyshaun, “but I’m the glue. I’m going to hold this family together.”

Tyshaun was just 9 years old when she and her mom and sister had to sleep on the streets.

“It was scary,” she remembers.

Tyshaun’s father, Clyde, had just gone to jail for forgery. Her mother, Kim, had just been released, after serving time for writing bad checks. Both parents struggled with alcoholism, and the family had lost their home.

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Back to School

Atlanta Mission Kids Head Back to School

It’s that time of year again! Groggy teenagers are having the sheets pulled off of them as their alarms sound to no avail. The combination of coffee and carpool lines have been reintroduced into many of your lives. Meanwhile, at Atlanta Mission, our kids are literally jumping with excitement as they head back to school. For some of them, this is the first time they’ve gone to school while living in a safe and secure environment. No more couch surfing.…

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7 Tips for Engaging Homelessness While Throwing a Poké Ball

You’ve left your house, smartphone in hand, and are exploring new areas in search of that rare pocket monster. Perhaps you are out of incense and Poké Balls and are walking through the city in search of a PokéStop oasis. Along the way, you encounter things you wouldn’t normally see, which is part of the fun of the app. In my case last week, it was a bird chewing on a worm…it was a special moment. In your journeys downtown,…

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Larry’s Story of Transformation

In the Valley of Dry Bones “It was God’s way of getting my attention. Had I recovered quickly, I would’ve gone back to the streets and my self-destructive ways.” — By Larry I lived on the streets for about 16 years . . . that is, if you can call it “living.” Mostly, I was just wandering from place to place, looking for drugs and booze, a bite to eat, and a place to sleep in peace. I saw people…

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From Homeless to Entrepreneur: Glenn’s Story

The journey from growing up in Illinois, to homeless in Atlanta, to owning his own company has not come easy. But for Glenn Stevenson, an Atlanta Mission alumni, attaining a job and his own place to live was not a big enough dream. Glenn arrived at the bus station in Atlanta in 2013 with two bags and no place to go. When his housing fell through, he wasn’t sure what to do or where to go, but someone saw him…

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Give Hope. Give Monthly.

Monthly Donor Video

At Atlanta Mission we are Ending Homelessness, one friend at a time. One of the most significant gifts we receive is the faithful support from our Monthly Donors. The gifts of our Faithful Friends provide consistent support for food, shelter, educational services, job attainment, counseling, and much more! The Perks Automatic Monthly Donations Simplify your giving by linking your bank account or credit card. End Homelessness Join others in funding everything a person needs to find a fresh start. See Your Impact Get…

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A Name and a Handshake


She was standing there, quietly sobbing when I walked past her. I attempted to ignore that uncomfortable, gnawing, helpless feeling I get  when I pass someone holding a “Hungry, please help” sign. I had excuses. After all, I was running late to a meeting and about to miss my train. Yet, God tapped me on the shoulder and I knew I had to go back.  I walked up to the girl, a weary teenager. “My name is Bonnie, what’s yours?”…

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