How We Prepare Clients for Life After Homelessness

Atlanta Mission is dedicated to helping disadvantaged families take back their lives, but we offer so much more than just a safe place to sleep at night. When you donate to Atlanta Mission, you help parents find jobs to support their children. You help young men beat drug and alcohol addiction. You help Atlanta’s youth receive an excellent education. Our impact is long-term and permanent and so much more than just a Band-Aid solution. If you wonder where your money goes when you donate to Atlanta Mission, we have good news to share.

What We Do

Atlanta Mission provides emergency shelter for men, women, and children who have no other place to go. But our assistance doesn’t begin and end with a free meal and a warm bed. People who turn to us for help have the opportunity to receive many of our services to help improve their lives and the lives of their children:

  • GED Preparation
  • Resume Writing
  • Life-Skills Training
  • Counseling
  • Paperwork Preparation
  • Chapel Services
  • Bible Study
  • Referrals for Housing and Legal Services
  • Child Care
  • Computer Literacy
  • Residential Care for Addiction
  • Transitional Housing

What We Believe

We believe that most people want to help themselves. We believe that, given the opportunity, most people are willing to work hard to better their situation. It may only be a matter of time and opportunity, and that’s what we provide. We focus on long-term change for the better while providing care for immediate needs. People who come to Atlanta Mission find a healthy meal, a hot shower, somewhere to wash their clothing, and a safe place for their children to sleep. But they also find hope for their futures. They have the opportunity to take part in life-changing classes, experiences and opportunities.

We provide all of this because God has called us to this. But we can’t do it without your help. If you feel moved to contribute to our cause, please see our links on how to help. We need your prayers, your volunteer time, your donations of food, clothing and household items, and your monetary gifts. Everything you give helps the families who need us.