A Second Chance for Fathers Facing Homelessness

For many fathers facing homelessness, Father’s Day is yet another reminder of the longing they have for an opportunity to make amends with their family and children. Everything starts with a choice, and for hundreds of fathers facing homelessness who want a second chance at fatherhood, that choice was to Choose Help at Atlanta Mission.


When the rest of the world turns you away, finding the courage and will to keep on pushing can be hard. We know that every person has a unique set of circumstances surrounding their homelessness. Whether it be an addiction, violence, or lack of employment, we meet each man where he is within those circumstances to provide him with faith and support to become the man that his children need. Through spiritual recovery, vocational training, and addiction recovery, we prepare these fathers to work, live, and love again.

Once I found God at Atlanta Mission and started praying, things started happening. It’s amazing. My son will never have to see me high or drunk. Ever.”  – Ryan’s Story of Transformation

“I’m just happy. This is the first time I’ve had God in my life, and I’ve rebuilt the relationships with my daughters and son. They love it when I call them and they’re always wanting to visit.” – Dewan’s Story of Transformation

The lives of these brave fathers are being transformed every day at Atlanta Mission thanks to the generosity of people like you. If you’d like to help these amazing fathers this Father’s Day, click here.

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