Veronica’s Story of Transformation

Veronica at Atlanta Mission

“I want to tell donors, ‘Thank God for you!”

Your support of Atlanta Mission is helping Veronica leave addiction behind

Veronica was in jail, worrying about her two children, wondering where they would go after she got out. And that’s when a young lady shared that she knew of a wonderful place that would help Veronica and her family—Atlanta Mission. “Right then, I knew that’s where God was sending me,” Veronica says.

Addiction had been dogging Veronica for decades, and she knew it had to stop. “I used to have a drug addiction which God cured me from instantaneously. Fifteen years ago, I just stopped. Unfortunately, I picked up alcohol, which is what brought me to the Mission. I have been a functioning alcoholic for about five years now, but I couldn’t stop drinking and driving. I came here voluntarily because I knew that I couldn’t stop drinking as easily as I stopped drugs.”

“My children have been through a lot with me and my addiction. I agonized over whether to bring them with me or not—but I felt coming to the program with them would help heal our family.

And it’s working. They didn’t know what to expect, but Atlanta Mission staff helped get them in school and assisted me with getting school supplies and backpacks.”

“I know that my being here would not be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of people’s gifts . . .”

Veronica is working hard to change her life and leave her addictions behind forever. But because of friends and partners like you, her time at Atlanta Mission has also opened her eyes to God’s love and His calling for her life.

“I actually graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. My dream was to become a personal chef for people with medical problems. So since I have come here, I have been working in the kitchen, and God has laid it on my heart to feed the homeless and the needy.”

“This is a great program and it has given me an intimate relationship with God. I had walked away from Him, but coming here has put Him back into my life. I’m going to get my recovery . . . but I know I can’t do this without Him.”

Veronica’s heart is filled with joy and gratitude for her new beginning. “I want to tell donors, ‘Thank God for you!’ It is a blessing from God that we have people in our lives that care enough to give to someone they don’t know. I feel loved and cared about. Thank you for helping me in my fresh start.”

Thank you for the gift you share today to help save and change more lives like Veronica’s!

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