Eric’s Story of Transformation

“I didn’t find Atlanta Mission; I had friends that found it for me. I was in a 26-year crack cocaine addiction and they decided (and I agreed) that I needed help. That’s why they found Atlanta Mission and why I walked in the door.”

Eric’s friends helped get him to a place where he found himself wanting a change. That’s why he entered The Shepherd’s Inn, our men’s shelter which offers overnight shelter, recovery programs, and vocational training. 

He began working in our maintenance program at The Shepherd’s Inn where he learned to do basic maintenance work. Soon he was even offered a job as one of our maintenance men. He’s bee here for four years now!

“It worked for me. That is all I can say, it worked for me.”

Eric recalls they also had an exercise program which would require him and the other men at The Shepherd’ Inn to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to run. This may not be ideal for most people, but Eric says it was a great way for him and his peers to truly start learning what it means to be disciplined, to be part of a team, and to motivate himself and others. 

“It gave us an opportunity to lead, minister, motivate, encourage, all that good stuff, you know. Not to be bragging but I excelled at it, you know. I’m glad to say it.”

It wasn’t easy. 

“It was tough at times, you know because a lot of temptation. You know, being in the city, you were allowed to walk out the door and do whatever you want to, and take that chance. But by building on that foundation and the counselors pouring into you, you build a resistance. You knew that if you got this far, why turn back now?”

Because of the choice that Eric made and with the help of the people around him, he’s been able to completely transform his life. 

“If you choose to take advantage of what Atlanta Mission has to offer, there is a good chance that you will succeed, but you’ve got to make that choice to be a part.”

We’re so proud of people like Eric who choose to make a difference in their lives. You can read more stories of transformation here.

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