Thanksgiving season can lead to a life transformed.

Meet Chaz

"A lot of love was shown to me when I first walked in… I have so much gratitude for them because I didn’t have anything. It’s given me the opportunity to have a second chance.

I see people when they first walk through the door, broken, hopeless, really just searching for some acceptance, searching for some hope.

I’ve gotten the opportunity to see people go from that broken, hopeless person to confident, bold, and standing firm in Christ and actually having some belief in themselves and their future.”

Imagine what it's like to have no one ever look at you.

Then you sit at a table with others and someone asks your name. You share a conversation.

For most, a meal is that first crucial step on a healing journey.

That's what Thanksgiving looks like at Atlanta Mission. It's giving people experiencing homelessness the chance to go from complete isolation to comfort and a chance to feel valued. It's not about the meal. It's the relationships that are forming that truly change lives.

Words of encouragement can mean the world for those in need. We invite you to write a message of hope to someone who will be visiting our shelters this season.

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Write a message. Give hope.

You aren’t just

providing meals.

A meal means so much more than food; it gives someone a reason to be grateful.

Inspire a true Thanksgiving.

Shelter at one of our four campuses

Warm Clothes and

a shower

Life Transformation helping to overcome the true cause of their homelessness


Called by God to serve the city of Atlanta.

Since our 1938 beginnings, Atlanta Mission has grown from a small soup kitchen to a multi-facility organization serving Metro Atlanta’s large homeless population. Today, we serve more than 1,000 homeless men, women, and children every day.

We meet each person where they are, in their unique circumstances, to provide customized services to help them overcome the cause of their homelessness.

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