Greg’s Story of Transformation

Greg grew up in Atlanta and was rooted deeply in a relationship with Christ. While he had a great childhood and a solid faith-based relationship, his story is one of struggle, learning who he truly is, and who God called him to be.

Greg's Story of Transformation

For as long as he could remember, Greg had always been indecisive with what he wanted to do with his life. After spending his high school years away in military school, and taking on all sorts of odd jobs, he finally landed with a sales representative position.

While his job as a sales rep provided him with an income and stability, he started to feel like the work he was doing negatively reflected his relationship with Christ. “The more I worked the job, the less I felt that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. I felt like I was taking from the women I would sell to, and I struggled with that moral conflict every single morning.” Eventually, Greg quit his unfulfilling job in sales with a big dream of starting his own personal training business.

“I had a big dream that sounded good, but I didn’t do enough research. It wasn’t that the dream was unattainable, it’s that my heart just wasn’t there.” Because he no longer held a job, Greg was forced to move out with nothing except the clothes on his back. With nowhere to turn to for shelter, Greg went to the only place he knew – church. 

“I was mentally destroyed. So I did what I knew best. I went to a few different church services all day long until closing, and then I’d find somewhere to sleep. Usually, they’d let me sleep in the church. Then I’d wake up in the morning and do the same thing all over again. I did this for about two months.”

“I hit rock bottom. But I had too much pride, and didn’t want anyone to help me.”

When Greg arrived at Atlanta Mission, he wasn’t looking for help or even looking to come inside. He was simply going for a walk. “When I got here, I saw that there was a lot of trash in the bushes and I hate litter. So I came up to the front and asked for a trash bag and cleaned up the litter.” The man at the front desk invited Greg inside. At first, he declined, choosing to live on the streets instead. But then, something brought him back.

Greg was at The Shepherd’s Inn for 2 months where he attended counseling and worked to find himself. Today, Greg is living in Fuqua Hall, our men’s transitional housing facility, where he continues to work toward overcoming past traumas, crafting trusting relationships, and maintaining a strong relationship with God.

When he isn’t at Atlanta Mission talking with the other men, you can find Greg at his job at Phoenix Roasters as a logistics warehouse worker. “It’s a great group of guys that love God, their work, and selling coffee. It’s simple, and I’m a simple guy. You go to work, do your job, and have great conversations.”

“I’m a much different person now than when I came in. Now I know not to immerse myself in those experiences to a point where it becomes my identity.” 

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