Janelle’s Story of Transformation

Trusting relationships are the foundation for a great life, but for Janelle, creating one was never an option.

Growing up, Janelle was unable to have a true relationship with her father. Family differences caused an artificial wedge to come between them, leaving Janelle longing for a relationship she was unable to create. Just as they began to build their relationship, Janelle’s father passed away. 

This wasn’t the only relationship ripped from Janelle’s hands. 

After spending 10 years under the support of a man she loved, Janelle found out he hadn’t been faithful. The most hurtful part of it all was that his infidelity was with another member of her family. “I didn’t feel safe trusting my life to that person anymore after everything that happened. I lost a big part of my family and the person I was depending on for a long time. I felt like I didn’t have anybody to lean on.”

Janelle - Story of Transformation

Janelle’s image has been changed for her protection.

With no family or friends to turn to, Janelle decided to come to Atlanta to escape the hurt and pain she felt. She had no money, no home, and no job. “I didn’t have any savings or a vehicle. I lost a lot of my belongings, my father, and my relationship.” After spending the night in a bus shelter in Atlanta, scared for her life, Janelle knew she had to find somewhere to stay and found solace at Atlanta Mission.

“When I came to Atlanta Mission, I didn’t have any feelings left.”

With the help of an amazing staff, supportive peers, and a heart full of hope, Janelle slowly began to regain control of her life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. “Physical wounds people deal with. Emotional wounds heal over time – but a lot of the time people let them fester. I’ve started to communicate with God to deal with the layers of issues I’ve had. I’m beginning to feel better.”

Today, Janelle works at Suntrust Park where she is saving up to buy her own place. She continues to Make Progress at Atlanta Mission, rekindling her relationship with God.  Janelle hopes to continue studying to become a minister to support people both emotionally and spiritually. 

Janelle has hope in her future because of the faith she now has in herself and God. But without the help and support of Atlanta Mission and its donors, she doesn’t know what would have happened to her. 

“I’m developing hope in the present and accepting myself as I am now.”

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