Mental Health Counselor (Men’s Services)

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The Mental Health Counselor is a critical member of our ministry, serving by providing counseling services based upon client’s personalized service plan goals and objectives. 



  • Conducts clinical evaluation, screening, assessment, and recommends emotional services
  • Manages initial and ongoing personalized service planning for emotional needs
  • Facilitates therapeutic group sessions with clients and members of clients’ support system
  • Lead Psycho-Ed groups on various topics related to substance use recovery
  • Recommend goals for service planning that addresses recovery outcomes
  • Provides 1013 recommendations and guidance during crisis intervention
  • Consults during Crisis situations
  • Facilitates classes for clients and their family members
  • Collects, records, and analyzes documentation and referral sources while determining suitability for service needs
  • Orients clients to the counseling process, guidelines, and expectations
  • Inputs, tracks, and reports client outcome progression and client engagement data
  • Ensures accuracy of client data
  • Complies with established metrics
  • Provides counseling services that include individual, group, and family
  • Adheres to all laws and the Code of Ethics for counselors, which establishes standards for the relationship between clients/counselors


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