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Don Wilkinson

September 18, 2015
Don Wilkinson, advocate at Atlanta Mission

Recently, the children here at The House (My Sister’s House) returned back to school. The majority of our children have been afforded the opportunity to attend a charter school. One of the requirements is that our children wear uniforms. It became pretty disheartening that a few weeks before school starts there was still a need…

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What Does a Birthday Mean to You?

August 18, 2015

What does a Birthday mean to you? A birthday is a special day in each person’s life filled with lots of happiness and fun. Many people celebrate their birthday for a whole day, week, or month. For their birthdays they have parties surrounded by family and friends. The parties are full of games, laughter, and…

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Heidi’s Story of Transformation

July 28, 2015
Heidi at Atlanta Mission

“How Did I End Up Like This?” Because of your generosity and compassion, Heidi and her daughter were given a chance to start anew. Heidi doesn’t look homeless. She’s all things bright and beautiful, and if you met her, you’d think, This young lady could do anything. But it’s also true that anything could happen…

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