Reco’s Story of Transformation

Reco had reached a dark place in his life. He was using drugs heavily and after hitting rock bottom, he knew he needed to go somewhere; he just didn’t know where. After a quick search, Reco found himself at The Potter’s House. 

reco's story of transformation

He had seen others prosper after their time at Atlanta Mission so he decided to give it a try. But Reco was too focused on doing things “his way.” His time there didn’t last long and he was back on the streets using drugs again. “I did not listen to what God was telling me to do.” 

Four years later, Reco found himself in jail for six months. And to top it all off, he found out he was HIV positive. Reco knew he had to get back to The Potter’s House.

“I needed to really get my health back in order and I knew I could do that all at The Potter’s House.”

Reco knew that recovery was possible at The Potter’s House – he had seen it. This time around, he was focused on doing things differently. Reco found a relationship with God and knew there was hope.

Thomas, Reco’s ambassador, really made an impression on him. “He’s just a God-fearing man who truly loves to give back and to help others and he just ain’t gonna tell you what you want to hear. He’s gonna tell you what you needed to hear. And that’s why I was so happy when I returned that I had him as an advocate. Have we gotten along all the way? No. Have we butted heads? Yes. But at the end of the day, if you give me some advice and I may not have wanted to hear it nor receive at the time, I knew that it was coming from a place of love and I needed to take that into consideration and to really adhere to what he was telling me. Because I’d have done what Reco wants to do, and I know what Reco wants to do gets him – jail, institutions or maybe death. I must take the suggestions to become a better me.”

Reco now has his family and friends back in his life, all rooting for him to keep going in his recovery. He has future goals of becoming a Certified Peer Specialist – an advocate to help others that have been in addiction, homelessness or mental state of mind to help them recover – and to be a public speaker about addiction and HIV awareness. He’s working to help others recover as he shares his own story. 

Reco and friends praying at Atlanta Mission

“Atlanta Mission means a new start. It means freedom from my old life and bondage. It means that there is a place I can go when I truly need help, and that’s Atlanta Mission. Yeah, The Potter’s House.”

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