Restoring Hope

Following a significant disagreement with a family member, Maria and her daughter Mercedes found themselves with nowhere to go. They lived in a hotel for four days, and had to spend one terrifying night on the street. Maria was overwhelmed with fear and was extremely worried about Mercedes. Hope seemed very far away.

God led Maria and Mercedes to Atlanta Mission, where a staff Ambassador greeted them with kindness and dignity. They received critical services, such as a room to stay in, clothing, and meals. Maria felt such relief to have a safe place to stay. After a few months, Maria made the decision to take our Needs Assessment. This provided her with more information on what services would be helpful to her in order to end her homelessness.

Once clients like Maria take the Needs Assessment, they move into our Make Progress services. This is where they receive individualized services that address their unique needs. Each person is assigned an interdisciplinary team that guides him or her through our services. This team works together to ensure that each client’s needs are being met in the five outcome areas, and that the client is making progress to end his or her homelessness.

As many of our clients come to realize they need more than job training, our teams are surrounding them with care and instruction—equipping them with what they need for a transformed life. Individualized service plans take intentionality and a relational approach to ensure the needs of the clients are met, and, most importantly, the root causes of their homelessness are identified and dealt with.

Make Progress Team Staff Members

Five Service Areas

Atlanta Mission Client Service Area Icons

You have the opportunity to support the hopes and futures of hundreds of men, women, and children that are experiencing homelessness. Through your partnership, together we have seen, and will continue to see homelessness ended and hope restored for many of our friends.

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This team guides individuals through our services and ensures they are making progress to end their homelessness.