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Why Choosing Help is so Important

August 20, 2018
choosing help

Our emergency shelters are open 365 days a year to provide those experiencing homelessness relief, warm food, and a safe environment. We have a shelter for men, as well as one for women and children. These basic and immediate needs are what draw people to Atlanta Mission. But it is through offering these services that…

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“Here, I Have Time to Breathe”

May 21, 2018
Sarah and Emma Reading

Sarah was finally at a good place in her life. She’d won a custody of her daughter after being separated for almost two years. The hard part was supposed to be over. She was only supposed to be focused on being a good mom and provider. Then, her car broke down. Sarah had already spent…

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Hopeless to Hopeful

May 8, 2018

Jacqueline was exhausted when she arrived at Atlanta Mission. For five years she experienced homelessness, bouncing from motels to staying with friends, sometimes sleeping in the airport or in her car. She worked at a local university for 14 years, she was a fixture there, she thought she had earned her job security. Then her…

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The Power of Friendship

April 3, 2018
Brittany and Amber at Atlanta Mission

Those experiencing homelessness come to us first for emergency services. It is through offering these services that we can begin to build the transformative relationships that lead our clients to Christ and to choose help. 365 days a year, our emergency shelters are open to provide relief from the elements, warm food, and a safe…

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