Educational Challenges for Children Facing Homelessness

July 22, 2019
mom and daughter in front of bus - educational challenges for children facing homelessness

Heading back to school is an exciting time for kids across the country. After two long months of summer fun, they’re ready to see all of their friends and get back into the swing of things. While this is the case for many, for children facing homelessness, going back to school means coping with a …

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The Impact of Homelessness on Education

October 8, 2018
Little girl at Atlanta Mission - the impact of homelessness on education

For children across the nation, education isn’t always as simple as hopping on a bus and heading to school. Simply finding a way to get to school, or being in one place long enough to become enrolled are only two challenges facing children experiencing homelessness when trying get an education. How does homelessness affect education? …

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Back to School

August 8, 2016
Atlanta Mission Kids Head Back to School

It’s that time of year again! Groggy teenagers are having the sheets pulled off of them as their alarms sound to no avail. The combination of coffee and carpool lines have been reintroduced into many of your lives. Meanwhile, at Atlanta Mission, our kids are literally jumping with excitement as they head back to school. …

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