What Happens to Those Facing Homelessness in the Cold

February 7, 2019
mom an dher two young children facing homelessness in the cold

The dangers of cold weather bring the thousands facing homelessness yet another sleepless night. Without access to properly heated space, the countless men, women, and children who call the streets their home are at high risk for cold-related illnesses every day. Here are just a few of the threats those facing homelessness face when it’s…

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Take a Walk in Their Shoes: 2019 Atlanta Mission 5K

February 4, 2019
Atlanta Mission 5k runners

In metro Atlanta, over 7,000 individuals will face the perilous conditions of winter without a roof over their heads. They’ll be sleeping on the streets in the cold. On February 23, you can take a walk in the shoes of the thousands of men, women, and children who are experiencing homelessness. Every year, we hold…

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The Effects of Cold Weather on Those Facing Homelessness

January 21, 2019
Effects of Cold Weather on Those Facing Homelessness in Atlanta

The winter and cold weather aren’t favorable for those facing homelessness.  As the harsh Atlanta temperatures creep below 20 degrees and the winds begin to pick up speed, those that find themselves sleeping outside fear of what cold weather brings. The effects of cold weather on those facing homelessness are dangerous. Many scramble just to…

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How to Help Those Facing Homelessness This Holiday Season

November 12, 2018

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, we’re reminded of all we have to be thankful for. While many of us are spending time with family and friends, some are spending the holidays on the streets. People facing homelessness often do not have family and friends to spend the holidays with or a house…

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THE LIGHT: September 2018

September 13, 2018
Chris at Atlanta Mission

Rediscovering Joy Chris was just a normal guy whose life fell apart. He went from living in a nice home to under a bridge, miserable and alone. This is his story… There was a time when my life was happy. I enjoyed my work, I was married to the girl I grew up across the…

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