December Miracles

December at Atlanta Mission is truly the most wonderful time of the year, the rooms are packed, the gifts are wrapped, and for many this is the first Christmas they have spent in a safe place.

For our staff this is a time where their faith is stretched. For Ms. Pat, who runs all of Atlanta Mission food service, more individuals in our shelters means there are more mouths to feed.

Christmas Prime RibChristmas came around this year and there were no groups signed up to sponsor Christmas lunch. Ms. Pat was praying that she could serve the women and children something special – something out of the ordinary to make this the best Christmas ever. She prayed a specific prayer for prime rib to be donated.  A few days later, after that prayer, a truck pulled in with not just one pan, but six full pans of prime rib – enough to feed all of the women and children at My Sister’s House.

Later on that week they ran out of fruit. Pat and the women serving in the kitchen stopped and prayed and asked God to bring more fruit and thanked Him in faith that He would. The next day, a truck loaded down with fruit showed up to the door! Just another Christmas miracle, but wait, there was more…

They ran out of tomatoes a few days later so they prayed again and got a call asking if our centers could use 37 CASES of tomatoes!  US Foods had denied the delivery of the tomatoes from a trucking company (which was unusual) so now they had a truck full of tomatoes and nowhere to take them; we had just the place for them to be taken!

This Christmas was such a reminder that God cares about all things, even if it’s fruit and prime rib. Not only does He provide just what we need, he provides in abundance.


Pray Without Ceasing

Praying HandsOur guests and staff face obstacles and hardships every day as they pursue transformation and fresh starts. We would appreciate your prayers and will share our requests periodically here on the blog.

Today, the following prayer requests are for the staff and guests at The Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children.

The Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children provides a variety of services, including childcare, showers, laundry, lunch, MARTA cards for medical appointments, medical care, life-skills classes, recreational opportunities, access to My Sister’s House (for overnight services), and much more.

For the Staff Team

Pray for unity and renewal as the staff work on the frontlines with women and children experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness, and PTSD. Pray for the staff to rely on the Lord as they attempt to love anew each day regardless of the constant flood of needs.

For Our Guests

Please continue to pray for the women and children who come to The Atlanta Day Shelter seeking help. Pray for people to experience the genuine love and peace of God. Pray for more mental health and recovery resources. Pray for the women’s safety and the safety of their children.