Atlanta Mission Prepares for Irma

Facing weather like Irma can be scary, even with shelter and preparations. Imagine though, that you have no walls to protect you, maybe just a tent or a cardboard box. A tropical storm becomes a life or death situation for someone experiencing homelessness. That’s why this morning, Atlanta Mission staff went out and helped countless individuals find a safe place to stay. That’s why at lunch, Atlanta Mission volunteers braved the elements to come serve meals to those who would otherwise be outside in this storm. You can hear more about their efforts in the videos below.

Please pray for the following during the duration of this storm:

  • Pray for safety for our staff as they drive through severe weather to get to our campuses.
  • Pray for strength for our staff and volunteers as they serve overnight.
  • Pray for the protection of those facing homelessness who are remaining outdoors.