Walking Alongside – A Mutual Support

by Becca Berlin

Look what another human being made for me, just out of the blue!

Mason jar with encouraging notes inside made by an Atlanta Mission client to support a staff member


Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to support other women. I mean, there’s a lot of other stuff to get done in the day to day. But it does all boil down to that: just supporting people. Walking alongside them. The especially incredible part is that when you walk with people through a season, even if the season is about them and their healing, they inevitably are walking beside you that whole time too. While it’s my actual job to be a support to them, they are a support to me without even knowing it.

The woman who made this for me struggles to keep hold of her own happy thoughts. She is currently experiencing homelessness. But still, creativity and kindness spills out of her. True light, no matter how small, can’t be extinguished by darkness, no matter how great. This jar she put together for me is tangible evidence of the God I get to witness in other people on a daily basis.

*Becca works with women at My Sister’s House Campus.