Escape the Cold: Facing Homelessness in the Winter

January 20, 2020
man wearing jacket facing homelessness in the winter in Atlanta

Can you imagine being on the streets of Atlanta so cold you can’t stop shivering? Your feet and hands are numb. You keep moving to try and stay warm. You don’t have anywhere to go or anything you can do about it. You even wonder if you’ll make it through the night. This is the …

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5 Ways You Can Help Those Experiencing Homelessness this Fall and Winter

October 22, 2018
Mother and son outside in cold weather

Cold weather is approaching and while you’re snuggled up on the couch, there are many women, men, and children that are calling the cold streets their home. This means there are thousands on the streets of Atlanta most at-risk of injury and death due to weather, and are often left with nothing to protect them …

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