Terry: An Atlanta Mission Counselor’s Story

Terry, an Atlanta Mission Counselor

Terry recently joined our team as a counselor. “I believe God brought me here.”

He says, “At Atlanta Mission, we have a strong, united support system from upper management to my co-workers to our volunteers to our clients. That unity allows me to do what we’re supposed to be doing here on earth as ambassadors of Christ and disciples, presenting Jesus in love to those who don’t know Him.”

“Right now, I’m teaching a Grief and Loss class. I know God had this planned for me and the clients I serve, because I lost my sister in November.” Terry fought back tears as he continued, “Dealing with my grief alongside the men in my class added a whole new dimension to our journey together. I got to tell the guys, ‘you’re not alone,’ and ‘I truly understand.’”

One of Terry’s clients, Henry, lost his mother recently. He tried to process through the emotions and challenges, but he just couldn’t stop thinking that there was something he could have done. Terry shared, “I had to go through the stages of grief beside Henry. We walked through that pain together.”

Today, Henry is thriving. He just completed our Make Progress services and got a promotion at his job. Henry also moved into transitional housing at Fuqua Hall – a place he can call home and be at peace.

“I truly see God uniting His people to work and walk together through the healing process.” – Terry, counselor

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