The Light – November Newsletter

Would They Spend Christmas on the Streets?

Shamika was desperate. She had lost her job and had been evicted from her apartment . . . along with her 2-year-old daughter, Shaniyah.

“I was in a terrible situation,” Shamika says. “I was crying constantly. I was depressed. It was hard, real hard.”

With the holidays fast approaching and no family to help, Shamika worried that she and Shaniyah would have to spend Christmas on the streets of Atlanta. “I didn’t see any way out,” she says.

But before she and her baby spent one night on the streets, she found a way . . . at Atlanta Mission. Shamika and Shaniyah were welcomed with open arms at My Sister’s House, our facility for women and children.

“It was such a blessing,” Shamika says.

2015ATL11EN-Nov-eNewsletter-NL-Blog-Header-300x205pxThe end of a long, hard road.

Arriving at Atlanta Mission was the beginning of the end of a long, hard road for Shamika. Before coming here she had struggled to find work. “Everywhere I went, they weren’t hiring,” she says. “Or, when I had interviews, I didn’t get the job.”

Our caring staff was able to help Shamika land a good job. And at My Sister’s House, she and Shaniyah found a family atmosphere where they felt loved and encouraged. “It’s so inspiring,” she says, with tears in her eyes. “It’s positive all around. I love it here.”

Last Christmas, she says, “was really nice. Shaniyah got some gifts, and everyone was kind. That’s all that mattered.”

Shamika and Shaniyah recently moved out to their own place. They’re excited to celebrate the holidays in their own home this year, but Shamika says she’ll always remember the gift of love last Christmas from the staff and volunteers at My Sister’s House.

“They were wonderful,” she says. “If it wasn’t for Atlanta Mission, I don’t know what would have happened. They got me back on my feet.”

Stories like this are a direct result of your kindness. The lives of men, women, and children are being transformed every day at Atlanta Mission. Thank you for your continued support!

You’re Bringing Joy to Kids at Atlanta Mission

For a child, nothing beats the wonder of Christmas. The lights. The carols. The holiday specials on TV. The joy. And the presents!

In a perfect world, every child would experience these things in their own 2015ATL11EN-Nov-eNewsletter-NL-Blog-Story-2home, with their own family, their own Christmas tree, and their own stockings hung by their own fireplaces.

But it’s not a perfect world. Families break up. Divorce, abuse, addictions, and evictions happen. Jobs are lost; so is hope. And there’s often no place to go.

But thanks to you, there IS a place for them this Christmas.

Your support of Atlanta Mission helps provide two places for moms with kids — My Sister’s House and the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. Atlanta Mission works with “displaced” moms and kids all the time who’d rather be in their own homes, their families fully and happily intact.

Atlanta Mission can’t replace that perfect scenario, but thanks to you, they come close, fostering a family atmosphere with lots of love and joy. All inspired by the source of the celebration, Jesus Himself.

Because of you, Christmas at Atlanta Mission is a happy time for kids . . . and their moms. Joy to the world . . . and to all the mothers and children who will spend these holidays as our special guests.

A Message from Jim Reese, President & CEO

Dear Friend of Atlanta Mission,

When they saw the star, they were overjoyed (Matthew 2:10).

I love the story of the Three Wise Men and how a brilliant star led them straight to Bethlehem . . . and the baby Jesus, the Light of the World.

Atlanta Mission’s logo — a light — is like that, drawing our homeless neighbors out of the darkness and into the warm glow of God’s love.

That light is only possible because of you!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is that those we serve, no matter how difficult their circumstances, find joy and thankfulness in that light. They arrive with little more than what will fit in a bag or suitcase, but they experience goodness and gladness at Atlanta Mission. They are so grateful to be off the street, to be with people who love and care for them, to be able to look to a future of hope rather than the pain of the past.

Such a place is only possible because of you and your compassion. Thanks to you, lives are transformed through the power of Christ.

Last Christmas, I sat with a father who was so thankful to be reunited with his children. He was learning from Atlanta Mission how to be the father he never had — and the father he always wanted to be. I watched his wife and daughters celebrate the change in his life. I believe it was the best Christmas present they ever got!

On behalf of those we serve, thank you for your heart for Christ. May the light of Christ shine especially bright this year.



Jim Reese
President & CEO