Ways to Help Those Facing Homelessness in Atlanta

Homelessness is rampant in our Atlanta community. In fact, there are up to 7,000 Atlantans facing homelessness, and as many as 2,000 of them are living on streets unsheltered. How can we come together as a community and help those facing homelessness in Atlanta? 

There’s no way we can ever fulfill our mission without your help. 

Here are some things you can do to help our Atlanta homeless community:


Be ready. Keep a few items in your car to give out when you see someone in need. This can include water bottles, granola bars, gift cards, and even blankets or jackets when it’s cold out. You know how hot our summers are and how frigid our winters can get. Imagine living on the street during these seasons–what items would you need? 


Donate clothes. We have 5 different thrift stores in Athens, Winder, Commerce, Gainesville, and Marietta. They help fund our programs and provide jobs for our clients in need. You can donate items or shop in-store in order to help. Be sure to check out this list of items that we accept. 


Run a 5K for them. A unique Atlanta experience is running our annual 5K through the streets that these people call home. We strategically schedule this 5K for February of each year as it’s one of the coldest months of the year. Running in the cold helps you understand a little more of what conditions our homeless community is living in, and you’ll even get the opportunity to meet some of our clients whose lives have been changed as a result of your generosity. Follow along on social media for announcements and details on our next race and get details here.


Talk to them. Imagine being ignored simply because you’re living on the streets. This is the reality many face today, and even a smile or a short conversation can help them feel valued again. Everyone deserves to feel human. If you see someone in need, be willing to talk to them and listen to their story. 


Point them in the right direction. If you do have a conversation with someone experiencing homelessness, point them in the direction of hope. You can carry around these referral cards to hand out or you can direct them to the shelter that’s right for them. Giving them a few dollars or a meal can only take them so far; give them lasting hope by encouraging them to get help. 


Your support and awareness help us change our community one person at a time. Learn more about our shelters and services here

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