5 Ways You Can Help Those Experiencing Homelessness this Fall and Winter

Cold weather is approaching and while you’re snuggled up on the couch, there are many women, men, and children that are calling the cold streets their home. This means there are thousands on the streets of Atlanta most at-risk of injury and death due to weather, and are often left with nothing to protect them against dropping temperatures.

What can you do to help the homeless during the fall and winter months?

  1. Offer blankets – Too often we see people sleeping on the streets with nothing more than a small sweater to cover themselves. Find some old blankets you have lying around the house, wash them, and donate to a shelter or location that serves those experiencing homelessness. You could even keep some in your car so that if you come across someone in need, you have easy access to a blanket.
  2. Donate old jackets and gloves – Similar to blankets, jackets and gloves make a big difference. Any type of protective clothing will help. Our fingers are extremely susceptible to frostbite, and gloves will help keep them safe. Jackets also help prevent hypothermia and give people experiencing homelessness a sense of ease that they will at least have some form of warmth that night.
  3. Donate socks – Socks are among the most sought-after donations at shelters, but also some of the least donated items. We tend to forget that our toes need protection too, especially since we spend so much time in our sandals during the summer.
  4. Offer warm food – When it gets cold, experts say that we get hungrier. This is because our bodies rush to protect our essential organs. If you can spare a few dollars or meals to feed someone experiencing homelessness, you can help keep them fed and warm for hours.
  5. Make care packages – Making care packages can help reach a lot of people. Filling them with necessities can help a whole family be in a little better position this winter. You can include toiletries (deodorant, lip balm, lotion, soap), packaged food (soft granola bars, crackers, cookies), and maybe even a few gift cards. Keep these in your car to give out as you see someone in need.

Fall and winter are crucial times for our friends experiencing homelessness. These are just a few ways you can quickly help a neighbor in need. If you’d like to help support our cause and give hope to those facing homelessness this fall and winter, click here.

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