the Problem

“You don’t feel like you’re worth anything”


Homeless in Metro Atlanta


Unsheltered on the streets


Are in families

What’s home look like when you don’t have one?

For Michael, it was a piece of cardboard and a blanket under a bridge near Howell Mill Road. For Henry, an abandoned warehouse, where he slept on the floor with other crack addicts. For single mom Laura and her 8-year-old son, a dark, dank, rat-infested garage.

And what’s it feel like to live in those conditions?

The streets were eating me alive.

- Henry

It’s no place to raise a child. It was awful.

- Laura

Homelessness is awful. And in Metro Atlanta, it’s awfully rampant.

There are up to 7,000 homeless people in our community. While many of them find shelter most nights, as many as 2,000 of them are considered “unsheltered.” That’s 2,000 men, women, and children living on the streets. Meanwhile, the number of people in homeless families is on the rise, making up one-fifth of the local homeless population.

That’s not a pretty picture. It’s not right.

Atlanta’s own Martin Luther King, Jr., cried out for justice for neighbors such as these, and for such a time as this . . . for such a time as now.

"I still have a dream that one day all of God’s children will have food and clothing and material well-being . . ."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

That’s a dream that you certainly share.

It’s certainly one we share at Atlanta Mission. We’re all about restoring the dignity and worth of our homeless friends — to help them transform from the inside out. For good.

Ending Homelessness. It’s what Atlanta Mission is all about.

Will you join us on that mission?

There are many ways you can help, and there is no way we can fulfill our mission without you. We need the Atlanta community to come together to end homelessness. We need you to join us.

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