7 Tips for Engaging Homelessness While Throwing a Poké Ball

pokemon_featuredYou’ve left your house, smartphone in hand, and are exploring new areas in search of that rare pocket monster. Perhaps you are out of incense and Poké Balls and are walking through the city in search of a PokéStop oasis. Along the way, you encounter things you wouldn’t normally see, which is part of the fun of the app. In my case last week, it was a bird chewing on a worm…it was a special moment.

In your journeys downtown, you may come in contact with some of our friends experiencing homelessness. If you’ve never engaged with someone who lives outdoors, you may feel nervous or uncomfortable. But maybe, just maybe, this is an opportunity to get to know someone who was created with immense dignity but has fallen on hard times.

Tips for Intentional Engagement

1. Stay alert. Use common sense. Go with a fellow Pokémon trainer.

2. Bring an extra bottle of water to share if you do meet someone. It’s hot out there and a cold drink could make all the difference in the world to that person.

granola_bar_icon3. Soft granola bars are always great as well. Not only will they nourish you on your quest for Charizard, but they make a great snack for someone who hasn’t been able to get to the dentist in awhile.

4. Introduce yourself, hold out your hand, and ask for their name. Ask them where they are from. Questions like this offer dignity and value to someone who may not have frequent social interaction. See where the conversation leads you.

5. If you find yourself in what feels to be a threatening situation, it’s ok to leave.

6. Print out some of our referral cards to give to those who are looking for help. Our men’s and women’s facilities would love to come alongside and serve the friends you meet.

7. There’s a PokéStop in front of our men’s facility. Once you’ve loaded up for your travels, snap a photo with our logo and tag @atlmission on Instagram!



Happy hunting!