A Better Tomorrow Starts with

Choosing Help Today

80 percent of our female clients arrive at Atlanta Mission in relational poverty—with no close relationships to speak of. We are certain the same can be said of our male clients.

It is life-on-life relationships, built around trust, that have the power to put a person on the path that leads to Christ—the path to a life transformed. Together, we can help more men choose a transformed life.

A Trusted Relationship

Charlie came to Atlanta Mission filled with resentment, anger, and as he put it “a lot of emotions.” Shortly after he arrived he was introduced to Josh, a counselor at Atlanta Mission, and they clicked immediately. Josh modeled Christ-like behavior to Charlie, living the words “I want to know you. I want to be in relationship with you.” It was Josh’s caring approach that helped Charlie see he had a hopeful future. Soon a trusted relationship was built and in time Charlie was saved, graduated from the program, and is now an employee of Atlanta Mission.

Transformation Model to End Homelessness

Transformational Model to End Homelessness

Atlanta Mission’s team approach centers on creating relationships with clients through our Transformation Model to End Homelessness. In the last year, we put the model in place in our Services for Women and Children and have seen many more lives transformed. Now, with your help, it is time to implement the model in all our Men’s Services by rolling out the first phase—Choose Help Services.

An integral piece in a client’s journey to choosing help is meeting basic needs such as:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Meals
  • Clothing
  • Physical and mental healthcare
  • Obtaining identification
  • MARTA cards & transportation
  • Life skills classes and recreational activities
  • Hearing and experiencing the Gospel

Ambassadors and Social Workers are the critical piece in our strategy to provide personalized, individualized plans. We know that by building trust and intentional relationships while offering the necessary services, more clients like Charlie will Choose Help and transition into Make Progress Services.

Caring for our friends experiencing homelessness and empowering them to choose a transformed life takes financial support.

The Choose Help services rollout in our men’s program costs $1,185,000. It will provide necessary services, as well as the essential frontline team members who reach out in friendship to engage personally with the men.

Choose Help Financial Chart

Atlanta Mission is supported 100% through contributions from individuals, churches, foundations, and other organizations. We receive no government money for these services.

Help More Men Choose a Transformed life