A Message from the President: A little bit of hope can change lives!

Dear Friend,

As you look at the many encounters Jesus had with people who might have felt very out of place—tax collectors, prostitutes, and many others—Jesus never let them feel that way.

One of my favorite stories is of the woman who shows up at Simon’s house. She was totally out of place, but that didn’t stop her from weeping at the Lord’s feet, and drying them with her hair. She was there for ONE reason . . . to see Him. Jesus explained to all who were gathered there, that she was there for the right reasons . . . perhaps more than the others who were present.

You see, Jesus is in the business of meeting you where you are, right now, not where you have been or where you should be!

And each day, when lost and broken people come to us here at Atlanta Mission, we strive to show them the love of Jesus by meeting them where they are, and with a heart that is truly glad to see them.

People tell us so many times that feeling welcome is what moves them to hope . . . and that little bit of hope can change lives, as the power of Christ transforms lives!

Thank you so much for being that bright light of hope that allows so many to meet Him right where they are!


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