Able: An Atlanta Mission Ambassador’s Story

To escape the craziness of living up north, Able and his family moved to Atlanta from Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the early ’90s to begin a different life. After years of working in Christian education, Able was called by God to be a part of something bigger – to serve as an Ambassador at Atlanta Mission.

Able - a man who works and an Ambassador at Atlanta Mission sitting on a picnic table

A little over two years ago, God brought Able to Atlanta Mission asking him to learn how to build relationships. To Able, this was nothing more than an oxymoron – he had thought he was already good at building relationships and establishing rapport with others. But after working with clients and being touched by their hearts and stories, he finally understood the depth to building relationships that God wanted him to learn.

As an ambassador at Atlanta Mission, Able wears many different hats throughout the day. Between social work, case management, and counseling, the lives he’s touched are endless. The relationships that Able has created with the men at Atlanta Mission truly have shaped him personally, as well as his relationship with God.

“I learned that I can only be the best version of myself by being myself. It’s about being on a level with everyone. God said that the answer to every question is a person, and God uses people to sharpen me and vice versa.”

Every day Able works to help his clients root themselves in their faith. “Spiritually, that’s the vision – to be a spiritual incubator, sort of speak.” To him, working with clients is about having a ‘you + me and God is the authority’ mentality. “When it comes to engaging with people, I’m looking for those who need help and stay quiet.”

Being the person to give those who keep to themselves a voice and hope for transformation is what makes Able an incredible ambassador. He even keeps in touch with his clients who have now moved on to have stable housing and consistent work. He truly is an individual who makes a mark in the lives of those who need help the most.

If you’re interested in working as an ambassador like Able, reach out to us here. With your help, we truly can end homelessness. One person at a time.

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