Barnell’s Story of Transformation

Barnell at Atlanta Mission

The robber pointed a gun at me and said, “Your car or your life.” Easy choice, right? At the time, I thought I was just saving my own skin. I didn’t realize God would use this crime to give me a different choice — one that saved my soul.

It happened like this: After the man stole my car, my life fell apart. I lost my job because I couldn’t get to work. I had no income, and pretty soon I wound up homeless, under a bridge in downtown.

I only came to Atlanta Mission for food, but right away I noticed something: the guys in the long-term program, Choose Help Services, were different. They had a peace about them you just didn’t see on the streets. One day, I saw these guys were receiving keychains with Bible verses that were personalized with their names. At that moment, I felt like God Himself was telling me I needed one. So I begged for one of those keychains, and when I got mine a few days later and I saw my name in the Scriptures, it brought tears to my eyes.

One verse from Matthew 22 stood out: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

At first I didn’t understand. “God,” I said, “this is all about you. What about me?” But then I felt His answer: “You’ve been trying to do things your way all your life, and it hasn’t worked. Now love me, Barnell, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

So that’s what I did: By His grace, I made a choice to start loving God, and He’s taken care of me ever since.

Through Atlanta Mission’s Choose Help services, I didn’t just receive food and shelter. They healed my heart through counseling and spiritual growth. They gave me joy. Plus I received job training that’s given me a brighter future. And my keychain? Well, those verses are still close to my heart, keeping me grounded in the Lord.

In short, He made me a new man at Atlanta Mission. Without this place,  I might be dead. I’m so grateful He gave me a chance to choose Him, because I know He chose me first.

*After receiving requests from individuals interested in the keychains mentioned above, we decided to make this information available to you. Visit to get your own customized scripture keychain!

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