Emma’s Story

Emma is one of our Community Living Assistants. Below she shares her story of what a day in her life looks like at Atlanta Mission.

A day here at My Sister’s House is always different. Whether it’s one day handling disputes between clients or other days just playing outside with the kids. My favorite part of the day is right before dinner. All the kids are outside playing and you can’t help but go outside and join them. While the kids are here, I always try to have some fun with them. Whether it’s playing a quick game of hide and seek on the weekend or just stopping in their rooms to see what they learned at school that day. I love being able to spend time with the kids.

I’ve seen a lot of mothers come into the shelter and move out. It is so amazing to see a hard working mom just trying to get back on her feet for her kids. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing seeing all the ladies move out into their own places or finally get that job they’ve been waiting for. But watching the mothers work, not only at their jobs, but then come back and care for their kids, that’s something else. I’ve loved connecting with the mothers even to a point where we stay in contact after they leave. I love that they feel they can open up to us after they come back from a long day of work. I sometimes forget that, I may get to go home and talk about my day with my roommates or friends, but right now, a lot of these ladies don’t have that outlet. So when they come in at the end of the day, that’s what they’re looking for and we get to be that for them.

God has done such amazing things for so many women here. I’ve seen His love carry from mother to child and those children then influence the older women. That’s the power of God. That He can use any life, at any stage, and use it to show His love to others. The worst thing we can do is underestimate our God.