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We are working towards GOING GREEN at Atlanta Mission. This past fiscal year, we have realized the health and financial benefits of having green utility systems throughout our facilities. As a part of our plan to improve our campus experience for our clients and employees, by loving and serving them more efficiently and saving in operating costs, we have started to convert our water, gas, and electrical systems to ones that are environmentally sustainable. Thus far, we have completed the following projects toward going green!

Completed a full renovation of all showers and toilets with low flow devices in emergency shelter.

Applied a closed cell polyurethane foam roofing system.

Renovated and constructed a new industrial laundry area for staff and clients with 3 washers and 2 dryers (all industrial-sized).

Installed high-efficiency water heaters serving our men's and women's shelter areas.

Installed an industrial water recycling system at our men's campus.

Installed laundry water recycling system at our women’s campus.

Renovated our dining hall with new LED lighting and the commercial kitchen with new equipment.

We are excited that we have started a partnership with Grants to Green and the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta in our greening efforts. Atlanta Mission was a recipient of the Grants to Green Assessment Grant for My Sister’s House, our women’s and children’s campus.

Grants to Green provided a comprehensive facility assessment that has given us a complete review of how we might change the environment where our clients live and where we work in an effort to create a healthier atmosphere and to save on operating costs. We look forward to working with Grants to Green and other loyal partners to help implement the recommendations as outlined in the assessment report.

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