How to Help Friends Facing Homelessness

It can happen to anyone. When we think of people facing homelessness, we typically don’t think of our friends. However, the reality is that our friends can be met with tough situations that leave them facing homelessness and in need in the blink of an eye. Here are some tips on how to help friends facing homelessness. 

Keep the friendship going. 

We all need trustworthy relationships, but often that’s one of the first things that those facing homelessness lose. If a friend is facing homelessness, they’ve likely lost a lot; don’t add to it by allowing them to lose you. 

Acknowledge them and be there to listen. 

You may not be able to relate to their specific circumstances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t listen and provide some helpful words of advice. Many people try to ignore those facing homelessness, but acknowledging their struggles can mean the world to them. 

Offer a helping hand. 

Many people are too shocked and even embarrassed to reach out to loved ones for help when they need it. If you know a friend is struggling, reach out to them first. Even the smallest things like a meal, a couch or bed to sleep on, or a car ride can make a world of difference. 

Help them find options. 

You may not be able to provide them food and shelter for too long, but you can help them find those long-term solutions they need. Seeking help in one of our shelters at Atlanta Mission can mean starting fresh. Whether your friend is struggling with addiction, navigating life without a job, or suffering from being dealt a bad hand, there are options for them at Atlanta Mission to take their life back and get back on their feet. Pointing them in the right direction and staying connected as they take steps to change will mean the world to them. 

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