My Sister’s House: A Women and Children’s Shelter in Atlanta

My Sister’s House is our women and children’s shelter in Atlanta. At any time, it can provide shelter for up to 264 guests. This is a long-term care facility for those that choose help. It’s a loving environment that has seen a lot of life change happen and for that, we are so grateful.

Why the name “My Sister’s House”?

The name “My Sister’s House” came with a lot of thought. We didn’t want those experiencing homelessness, especially the children, to have a negative reaction or feel different when telling others where they are staying. When our kids go to school and are asked where they live, they can say “my sister’s house” without any negative stigma attached to it.

What happens at My Sister’s House?

My Sister’s House is designed to meet a person’s basic needs like food and shelter, but also provide customized care to every woman and child that walks in the door. Things like job training, life skills, education, counseling, addiction recovery, and spiritual recovery are all important in a client’s life transformation.

Mothers learn to love, coach, correct, and encourage their children. The bond between them is dramatically strengthened. Daycare services and our onsite preschool are offered with teachers and behavioral specialists. Older children go to school and are provided with uniforms and the supplies they need to succeed.

Our holistic approach to life transformation means we help our clients overcome the cause of their homelessness. We engage the whole person, and make sure they are able to get back on their feet (with a job, housing, and trustworthy relationships.).

My Sister’s House is a special place to us. For stories of life transformation from My Sister’s House, click here. If you’d like to volunteer at My Sister’s House or any of our other campuses, click here for a full list of our volunteer opportunities available.

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