Regaining Independence Through Transitional Housing

What does home look like when you don’t have one? For many of our friends facing homelessness, it’s a piece of cardboard and a blanket under a bridge. For others, it’s a small park bench on the side of a busy street. Sometimes all it takes to get back on the right path is guidance and support from others who care. Once you receive that help, transitioning back into the world can be scary. At Atlanta Mission, we offer transitional housing for men who need help navigating the transition back to independent living.

Regaining Independence Through Transitional Housing

Transitional housing isn’t a long-term solution for those facing homelessness, but rather a supportive, temporary place for those who need structure, supervision, and support in order to get back on track. It allows them to continue focusing on their goals, things like earning their GED, finding a job, or recovering from addiction.

Transitional housing bridges the gap between homelessness and permanent living. This safe, supportive environment allows men to build a support network and figure out life outside of the shelter. It gives them a bit more independence as they “reenter the world.”

Transitional Housing Programs

While all of our programs and facilities will help our guests find transitional housing, two are designated just for men for that purpose:

  • Fuqua Hall: Fuqua Hall consists of 92 single-unit apartments for men who volunteer, work full time, and/or attend school. This transitional housing program is a minimum of six months and graduation is dependent upon successful completion of goals.
  • The Potter’s House: Located in Jefferson, GA, this new start transitional housing program for men includes 64 beds, a computer lab for GED training, and a community lounge.

If you or someone you know needs help – anything from a meal to overnight shelter to long-term recovery from addiction, abuse, or other challenging circumstances – reach out to us here. It starts with choosing help.

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