The Importance of Sustaining Growth

When someone experiencing homelessness decides to Choose Help, they make the brave decision to make progress in all areas of their life – physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and vocational. But that’s not the end of the road for them. At Atlanta Mission, we understand the importance of sustaining that growth and incorporate all of these areas to help improve our clients’ day-to-day lives. Our ultimate goal for everyone who walks through our doors is to achieve stable employment, permanent housing, and become rooted in the community.

Retain Employment

Employment plays a huge role in the ability to sustain progress made toward life change. Generating income creates stability, and stability is essential to personal and professional growth. It also allows someone to provide for themselves – transportation, a home, etc.

Emily was a convicted felon, dealing with addiction, and not present in the lives of her children. After her time at Atlanta Mission, her life has changed. Today, she is the BCOR (Building Communities of Recovery) Grant Coordinator for the Georgia Council on Substance abuse, helping others through recovery. She is currently a sponsor to two ladies in long-term recovery and has a great support system herself. She also often volunteers in her community, sharing her experience, strength, and hope. Not only that, but Emily is in graduate school at Shorter University with a concentration in Human Services – Nonprofit Management. With a focus on becoming an effective leader, Emily strives to support others and be of service. Read her story here.

Rooted in Community

Community plays a vital role in personal development, providing strength and resilience. Having a community of trustworthy people to lean on in times of hardship has the ability to keep someone on the right path as they walk through life. We ensure every one of our clients has a community around them for support. It’s not easy, and after being through what many of them have, these relationships are so important.

Justin came to Atlanta Mission after battling a drug and alcohol addiction that ruined his relationship with his parents and girlfriend. By Choosing Help at Atlanta Mission, he learned to deal with the hard times without drugs. He now understands the role that community plays in sustaining a healthy life and dedicates his time to teaching at a children’s Sunday school. Read his story here.

Secure Housing

Having somewhere to call home truly has the ability to transform someone’s life. The lack of structure and safety that comes with being homeless has a serious impact on the ability to sustain a healthy lifestyle. When you have somewhere to call home, you’re able to choose to escape any negativity or chaos that may be preventing personal growth. We work with our partners to set our clients up for success.

Amber grew up in a broken home, always feeling unwanted. She was alone and depressed, and eventually found herself on the streets of Atlanta. Until the day she arrived at Atlanta Mission and My Sister’s House. With the help of a loving staff, Bible study, and her growing relationship with God, Amber faced her anxieties and depression. Today, Amber is thriving in a new job and a new apartment of her own. Read her story here.

Each of these amazing individuals decided to take the first step in Choosing Help. But without their perseverance and dedication to sustaining the advancements they made, their stories may have ended differently.

With the help of our counselors and generous people like you, we’re able to help those facing homelessness transform their lives completely. If you’re interested in helping those in need, click here.

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