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The Shepherd’s Inn, a sanctuary for men in Atlanta who are experiencing homelessness, is able to accommodate up to 450 men at any given time. The Shepherd’s Inn provides a warm, healthy meal and a safe, comfortable place to sleep for those whose only other option is living and sleeping on the street. Although The Shepherd’s Inn exists to meet the immediate needs of men experiencing homelessness, the staff strives to offer personalized services to every client that enters the door.

The number of men in need of our services is not small. Homelessness affects millions of people every day, nearly 7,000 of whom live in and around the Atlanta area. At The Shepherd’s Inn, we specialize in helping those men start over. To do this, we depend on your generosity. Learn more here about how your generosity makes our work possible.


Although The Shepherd’s Inn provides shelter for those men, ages 18 and up, who have nowhere else to turn, our services extend beyond the basics. Our staff seeks to understand the unique challenges facing each person and specializes in providing personalized care. To that end, we provide numerous services, including:

  • Hot, nourishing meals
  • Care for immediate needs
  • A safe place to sleep
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Help with transitional housing
  • Vocational training

The caring and compassionate staff of The Shepherd’s Inn has a wealth of community resources at their fingertips. Through these resources, the staff can help individuals obtain housing or job assistance, while also helping them learn life skills necessary for future success.


The Shepherd’s Inn, a safe and transitional homeless shelter for men, is located at 165 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313. If you need immediate help or know someone that does, call The Shepherd’s Inn at (404) 367-2493.

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