The Shepherd’s Inn: Homeless Shelter for Men in Atlanta

The Shepherd’s Inn is our men’s shelter located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Every day, up to 450 men experiencing homelessness are met with open arms and led towards life transformation. For those who choose help, we offer a place of comfort, safety, and genuine understanding.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

The famous words of the 23rd Psalm hold true to our hearts, and even truer to our mission, inspiring the name behind our men’s shelter. Everyone has a story the world needs to hear. Our staff lends their ears to each man, one at a time, to craft a customized plan that will shepherd them towards a new life.

What to expect at The Shepherd’s Inn

We believe that every step begins with a helping hand. The Shepherd’s Inn is designed to provide each person with basic needs so they don’t need to worry about what’s for dinner or where they’ll sleep that night. But we also know that the road to a new life doesn’t simply begin and end with a hot meal and a comfortable place to sleep. To transform our clients’ lives, we provide resources like job training, counseling, life skills, and education.  

Every man’s story is different. Our holistic approach to transformation means we find the root cause of homelessness and help our clients overcome it in a program unique to them. By investing in the development of the whole person, we make sure they are able to get back on their feet with employment, housing, and trustworthy relationships.

Whether it be lost jobs, battled addictions, fought mental illness, or so much more, The Shepherd’s Inn provides men with the opportunity to overcome their circumstances, restoring their life foundation through spiritual, personal, and professional development.

The Shepherd’s Inn holds a special place in the hearts of many. For stories of life transformation from The Shepherd’s Inn, click here.

Without our amazing staff members, we wouldn’t be able to touch the lives of as many people facing homelessness as we do. If you’d like to volunteer at The Shepherd’s Inn or any of our other campuses, click here for our volunteer opportunities.

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