What Does a Birthday Mean to You?

What does a Birthday mean to you?

birthday-1698795_640A birthday is a special day in each person’s life filled with lots of happiness and fun. Many people celebrate their birthday for a whole day, week, or month. For their birthdays they have parties surrounded by family and friends. The parties are full of games, laughter, and lots of yummy cake.

For the children at My Sister’s House, birthdays could be a day of sadness. A day where they are reminded of the situation in life they are in. Thanks to Carolyn Patterson and her group, ATL Moms Making a Difference, all of the children at My Sister’s House get the opportunity each month to have that special day.

birthday-cake-380178_640ATL Moms Making a Difference has started coming out once a month to throw a Birthday Bash for all of the children that had birthdays during that specific month. These birthday bashes are top notch. We have had an ice cream truck, Superman & Elsa, water balloons, and lots and lots of cake! The children and their mothers have started to look forward to these celebrations each month.

The special part of ATL Moms Making a Difference is that when the mothers come out to volunteer they bring their children. This is a fantastic way for our mothers to see a positive example of healthy relationships between a mother and a child. Plus all of the children love to play together!


A motto that the group has is “I can’t fix the world’s problems. But I will do what I can to make a difference where I can.” They certainly make a difference every month with the mothers and children at My Sister’s House.

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ATL Moms making a difference is an organization connecting moms and families with volunteer opportunities in the greater Metro Atlanta area.

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