16 Blankets for 16 Homeless Babies

At Atlanta Mission, we’ve learned that God blesses us in unexpected ways, and at unanticipated times. This Christmas season, God provided a connection between a senior group in Alpharetta and homeless mothers with babies that we serve.

We serve between 80-100 children whose mothers are experiencing homelessness each day. Many of these children have undergone trauma as a result of their precarious and uncertain living conditions. They have moved multiple times, and may find it hard to trust people. Children who have experienced homelessness often exhibit speech and developmental delays, are behind in reading and math skills, lack impulse control, and can be hyper and aggressive.

These children need extra love, care, and support. The main goal of the staff and volunteers at Atlanta Mission is to provide these to the children and their mothers in a supportive and Christ-centered environment. One of the critical needs we provide is a sense of security and safety for moms and their children. A blanket is one of the basic ways this need is met.

We were in need of blankets for babies when we heard from Linda, who is a part of a group of ten women, ranging in age from 68 through 103, in Alpharetta that meets every week to crochet and knit blankets for those in need. “I specifically wanted to find an organization that took care of needy and/or homeless babies, and/or unwed mothers,” said Linda. She let us know that she had 16 baby blankets and hats to donate. Amazingly, we had exactly 16 babies at that time in our care.

The love and care that these women put into the blankets and hats is truly felt by the mothers and children that received them.“They are beautiful, and give comfort to my daughter,” one of the women who received one said.

Homeless mother and child at Atlanta Mission with donated blanket and hat

“It’s humbling to think that women we don’t know and may never meet care about us.”

We are so grateful to volunteers like Linda and this caring group of women. We can only continue to love and serve these women and their children with the help of faithful volunteers and donors. This cold winter, the moms and children in our care are warm and secure because of these blankets and the love they convey.

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