5 Ways You Can Help Those Experiencing Homeless in the Summer Heat

The blacktop on Atlanta’s summer streets can reach 175 degrees. Now imagine that blacktop is your home.

For someone living on the streets of Atlanta this summer, heat strokes, exhaustion, dehydration, violence, and serious illness are just some of the threats you face. It isn’t easy. There are many ways you can help those experiencing homelessness in the summer heat.

Here are 5 things you can keep in your car this summer as you come across those experiencing homelessness:

  1. Water – Buy some cases of water and keep them in your car. When you see someone on the streets hand them a bottle of water. Dehydration is a major threat to many on the streets and this water is life saving to those who can’t find any. You might even want to consider getting some frozen bottled water and drive around to give them out.
  2. Fans – Purchase a few personal fans with spray attachments or small handheld fans and keep them in your car. These little fans can be a huge help to someone who doesn’t have any air flow. It gets them cooled off quickly.
  3. Hats – Buy some straw hats or baseball hats to keep in your car. The sun can be brutal in the Summer in Atlanta, and these would help to keep the sun off their face.
  4. Sunscreen or bug spray – Another thing you can keep in your car to pass out is sunscreen or bug spray. This is something many don’t think about, but we want everyone to stay safe and protected this summer. If you do choose to do this, be careful and don’t pass out expired sunscreen (older than 12 months is usually not as safe).
  5. Referral Cards – Keep some of our referral cards on hand in your wallet and pass them out as you come across someone in need. This tells someone where they can go to get out of the heat, find a meal, a place to stay, and a place to transform their life. Download here.

The best thing you can do this summer is to interact with anyone you see experiencing homelessness. We are big believers that many people experiencing homelessness crave a real relationship and someone to talk to. Talk to them about their situation and how you can help.

If you do notice someone that needs immediate help, please call 9-1-1. They may be experiencing a heat stroke or dehydration and will need professional help as soon as possible.

Help protect a homeless friend from the rising temperatures on our city streets this summer. Amid the increased needs during the summer season, our ability to rescue suffering people and end homelessness in Atlanta and Northeast Georgia is even more urgent. You have the opportunity to provide food, water, shelter, showers, clothes, and comprehensive services to offer them a chance at a new life – not just one night out of the heat. Learn how you can help here.

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