Chaz’s Story of Transformation

Chaz first came to Atlanta Mission in December 2018. Prior to that, he found himself using drugs and before he knew it, he had lost his job. With nowhere else to go, he lived out of his car. 


He and his wife had separated and plenty of dark moments from his past began resurfacing. He describes himself as living on the edge of suicide; he even recorded a suicide video. This was when he knew he had to do something different if he wanted to live, so he made the choice to apply to The Potter’s House. 


His first few days at The Potter’s House were filled with uncertainty but also hope. “When I walked in, there was some hope there,” he says. “A lot of love was shown to me when I first walked in. I felt nobody made me feel like I wasn’t welcomed or anything like that.”


Since getting clean, Chaz has been in ministry training. “God’s used me a lot and in a lot of ways. I have two Bible studies every week that I lead.” 


To Chaz, Atlanta Mission means hope. “It’s given me the opportunity to have a second chance.” His mother says that if he hadn’t chosen to get help at Atlanta Mission, he probably wouldn’t be with us today. 


That’s our mission. It’s all about giving people the opportunity to see true life change. And as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re reminded that many times, this life change starts with something as simple as a meal. Click here to see how you can help provide not only meals, but life transformation this season for people like Chaz.

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