Escape the Cold: Facing Homelessness in the Winter

Can you imagine being on the streets of Atlanta so cold you can’t stop shivering? Your feet and hands are numb. You keep moving to try and stay warm. You don’t have anywhere to go or anything you can do about it. You even wonder if you’ll make it through the night.

man wearing jacket facing homelessness in the winter in Atlanta

This is the reality for thousands of men, women, and children in Atlanta. This is a dangerous situation for those facing homelessness in the cold.

Some things to do when you find yourself facing homelessness in the winter:

  • Find shelter at night if you can. This is often when it’s coldest and most dangerous. Many shelters (including Atlanta Mission) open up more beds during this time.
  • Keep your feet warm if possible. 
  • Layer up with everything you can.
  • Get out of the wind and under a cover somewhere.

What you can do to help those facing homelessness in the winter:

  • Keep blankets in your car to pass out to those you see. These blankets can mean so much.
  • Provide information about shelters, helping those escape the cold. You can download our referral cards here with an address and directions. 
  • Donate socks, old jackets, and gloves. These are the most sought after items throughout the winter and having plenty on hand is vital. More information about donating clothing items here.
  • Make a donation to provide safe shelter, hot meals and an escape from the cold.

This is not an easy time for those facing homelessness, but you can help make a difference.

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