How to Help those Facing Homelessness Feel Empowered

Life doesn’t always end up the way you planned, no matter who you are. Today, thousands of people in Atlanta will go another day of feeling powerless, empty, and alone. For our friends facing homelessness, dignity and hope can be lost as they wander the lonely streets. You can help those facing homelessness feel empowered.

Nobody deserves to feel like they’re invisible, but for those facing homelessness, it’s easy to feel isolated and weak. Between the shame they feel from people that hurry past them to the feeling of fear stronger than hunger, finding a saving grace in a mess of lost hope can be difficult. That’s where you come in. As you walk past someone who may be experiencing homelessness, it can be easy to hurry past and go about your day, but that person may need you to simply walk a little slower and acknowledge them. Make eye contact and say hello. That can make a world of difference for someone experiencing homelessness.

Empowering those facing homelessness is about giving them the tools they need to succeed and believing in them to use those tools to make the right choices.

At Atlanta Mission, we believe that homelessness isn’t an identity, it’s only a circumstance. When someone who needs help comes to us, regardless of their circumstances, the first thing we ask is, “How can we help?” We’re all about restoring the dignity and worth of our homeless friends – to help them transform from the inside out, and that begins with personal empowerment. Through job training, counseling, life skills, and educational resources, we help grow our clients personally, spiritually and professionally to give them the foundation for a better life. We give them the power to change their life.

Our “process” is never the same for any two clients, but the stories they tell of life change are always filled with love, compassion, and empowerment.

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