One Simple Hello Makes a World of Difference

Nobody deserves to feel like they are invisible, but that’s the case for many facing homelessness in Atlanta today. Homelessness is a temporary situation that can happen to any of us at any given time. If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you want someone to stop and say hello?

Think about the interaction you have with your friends, family, or colleagues on a daily basis – acknowledging their presence and engaging in friendly conversation. Acknowledgment is one of the most common social problems for those facing homelessness. When people won’t look at you or respond to your attempts at conversation, how can you not feel alone?

The simple act of engaging in a conversation with someone facing homelessness has the power to completely change the direction of their day, month, or even year. These encounters help to shine a light in the darkness.


One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.


It’s true that kindness is a virtue, and best of all, it’s free. The best and most truly invaluable thing you can do for anyone facing hardship is to listen to, understand, and acknowledge them. You’d be surprised at how much these incredible men and women can touch your hearts after just one conversation. The strength, determination, and faith that these individuals inhabit is a side of homelessness that you don’t see until you say hello.

Take an extra minute out of your day today to stop and say hello to someone you see. Everyone deserves to feel seen, heard, acknowledged, and treated like a friend.

At Atlanta Mission, we believe in the power of relationships. It is through conversations and relationships that many begin to trust and Choose Help. That’s the power of life change and a truly transformed individual.

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