Reasons to Clean Before the Holiday Season Begins

The holiday season seems to begin earlier and earlier every year. There is so much to do to prepare for whichever holidays you and your family celebrate. However, there is one additional task that you should take the time to do. You should do a quick clean out of unused items. Why? Here are seven reasons (and I’m sure you can think of others, too!)

Why You Should Clean

You Will Be Bringing in New Items – Even if you plan to scale back this holiday season, you know that there will be gifts, decorations, and other items coming in your home. A clean out to prepare can lessen the impact.
You Don’t Wear All Those Clothes – As you transition to your winter wardrobe, take a good hard look at your closet. Take a look at those ugly sweaters you haven’t worn in years or pants that do not fit anymore.
Holiday Decorating Has Changed – Chances are, the way you decorate for the holidays is a bit different today than it was a few years ago. Don’t hold on to all those old decorations. Cleaning out unused décor can create storage space you didn’t know you had.
The Linen Closet is Overflowing – The linen closet is an area that becomes like a black hole—when items enter, they sometimes never leave. It is time to dig through those old sheets, towels, and blankets and rid yourself of clutter you do not use.
Your Kids Are Growing Up – Your children are getting older and have toys they don’t play with any longer. Encourage them to clean out old toys and donate them to someone who would love to have them.
You Need Storage Space – One of the reasons many people dislike their homes is the lack of storage space. Cleaning out unused items can generate space and help you appreciate the place you live.
You May Find a Gift – If all else fails, while you’re cleaning out things in preparation for the holiday you may find old unused gifts that you can “re-gift.” It’s okay, we won’t tell!
As you can see, there are many benefits to cleaning out your home in preparation for the holiday season. Once you’ve gathered up items you can’t use, consider donating them to your Atlanta Mission thrift store or look up charity thrift stores in your town that accept donations. Then, you gain the benefit of clearing out your home, AND you can feel good about having helped someone else too! If you would like to learn more about our thrift stores in Marietta, GA or elsewhere in the Atlanta area, reach out to us at Atlanta Mission today. We can even arrange to pick up large loads for you!