Spiritual Recovery

True Transformation

I felt immediate relief. And the bad thoughts in my head went away.

When Justin came to Atlanta Mission, he had a history of drugs and violence; he even called himself a “monster.” He really wanted to change, but he wasn’t sure he wanted the “religion” part that permeates everything the ministry does. Until he tried it . . .

“I started attending the chapel services and reading the Bible,” Justin says. “And I started to get feelings, like God was talking to me.” Within weeks, he gave his heart to God and “felt immediate relief. And the bad thoughts in my head went away.”

Today, he’s a new man.

Atlanta Mission believes that true transformation happens from the inside out, via divine intervention. We believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ can set people free. For our homeless neighbors, that means a new start and a future filled with hope and possibility.

While it is not mandated, spiritual recovery is an option for all of our guests, whether they’re with us for a night or for a year. And many, like Justin, ultimately embrace faith and are changed from the inside out.

If you need help, or if you know someone who does, go to the Get Help page.


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