The Generational Impact of Homelessness

For those facing homelessness, change isn’t just about a hot meal and a place to stay. Change is about sustaining and growing as a person emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Choosing help at Atlanta Mission has the power to completely change the trajectory of not only an individual’s life, but the lives of their children, their children’s children, and their families for years to come. There is a large generational impact of homelessness and our goal is to make it a positive one.

Here are just 3 ways Choosing Help can create generational impact:


Think about the communities that you were a part of as a child, and even now as an adult. Chances are those communities – whether it be a sports team, neighborhood friends, or your church – brought you to some of your most trustworthy relationships. And, at one point or another, those communities gave you a place to go or a shoulder to lean on when you needed help.

Communities empower strength and resilience in others. Many of those facing homelessness come to Atlanta Mission without any type of community, but leave having rooted themselves in trustworthy relationships built within the walls of a strong community. A community can have the power to keep someone on the right path as they walk through life. That community affects generations to come.


Growing up with nowhere to call home except the streets has a long-term effect on a child’s life. Without structure, security, and safety, a kid can never truly be a kid. Our transformation model at Atlanta Mission doesn’t just give someone a meal and a place to stay, it helps them find structure and security. Imagine the difference that a safe bed at night can have on the livelihood of generations to come.


For many of us, family is our backbone. They hold our must trustworthy relationships and are often the people who ground us when times get tough. For those facing homelessness, family is sometimes stripped away due to the unique causes of their homelessness.

When chaos can be replaced with encouragement, safety, and love, someone facing homelessness feels as though they can finally breathe again. Healing requires a long-term approach that starts with working through the issues that caused their homelessness. Becoming a better, more stable version of yourself has the power to reunite families, and having family changes generations of homelessness.

You have the ability to become a part of the trust and hope that someone’s story needs. From a simple hello to making a donation, the difference you can make in the lives of generations to come is limitless. Your support impacts more than just one person’s life. It transforms the future of generations to come.

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