THE LIGHT: May 2019


2x the Help, 2x the Hope

Matching Gift Offers 2X the Hope for Hurting Families

Every donation to Atlanta Mission by June 30 will be matched dollar for dollar—providing twice as much help for homeless families in our community. 

Thousands of precious men and women, and even families, are struggling under the weight of homeless in Atlanta. They desperately need hope and a helping hand—in fact, they need YOU. And now, our generous friends at the Justin Landis Group, an affiliate of Keller Williams, are offering to match every gift we receive—up to $90,000!

That means any gift you send will be DOUBLED—automatically—to provide twice as much help for hurting men, women, and children at Atlanta Mission, and to remind them that someone really does care. This extraordinary opportunity is only available for a short time—the deadline is June 30!

Your generous gift today will help men and women, mothers and fathers, and children heal by providing them with food, shelter, counseling, and life transformation. Together with God’s grace, you will help give new hope to our homeless neighbors. That’s why the matching gift from The Justin Landis Group at Keller Williams is so critical.


Mother and child at Atlanta Mission

The Parents God Created Us to Be

Dear Friend,

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, and soon Father’s Day, we remember that parenting is one of the most important—and challenging—roles God has given to us.

But many of our guests at Atlanta Mission grew up with parents struggling with addictions, who were abusive, or were simply ill-equipped to be parents—and we see the consequences in the lives of our guests.

That’s why one of our greatest joys is helping moms learn how to really begin parenting their children. Most of our moms have a fierce love for their children. But they need help. Watching them learn to love, discipline, and teach their children—in healthy ways—is one of the greatest things God does at Atlanta Mission.

As donors, your generous gifts, prayers, and service here give both moms and dads at Atlanta Mission the chance to be the parents God created them to be. I believe there’s a lesson here for all of us who are parents. Parenting is never easy. But God has entrusted us with our children, no matter how challenging. He knows our children, like many of our guests, need our prayers, our love, our discipline, and our care. And we need them, because God is using them to transform our own lives.

Thank you for your incredible generosity and love. Thanks to you, God is transforming lives at Atlanta Mission. And I pray He continues to transform yours and mine, as well.

Jim Reese

President & CEO

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