The Potter’s House: Homeless Shelter for Men Facing Addiction in Atlanta

For many of those facing homelessness, life transformation begins with overcoming addiction. Every night, thousands of men and women will end up on the streets, struggling in their unfortunate circumstances, alone. Often they’re just looking for a place to go with support and hope. A place like The Potter’s House.

God cares about the whole person, and so do we.

The Potter’s House, our men’s shelter for addiction recovery, is located near Athens in Jefferson, Georgia on a 550-acre farm. Every day we help guide as many as 180 men toward a better life through long-term residential disciple programs. Our staff, just like God, cares about each individual person as a whole. No matter where these men are in their journey, our staff lends their ears, hearts, and time to help guide them.

What to Expect at The Potter’s House

We know that every man’s story is different, each needing support to take the first step. Our programs and facilities are designed to foster an environment to nurture healthy relationships with God, self, and others. The road toward a better life doesn’t just begin and end with food to eat and a place to sleep. It’s about transforming their minds through education and personal development.

At The Potter’s House, we offer our clients services that will help them sustain a healthy life long after their time with us. Things like:

  • Therapeutic Programs
  • GED Training
  • Computer Literacy
  • Job Training

From our New Start dormitory to the Client Life Center, every man is given the resources they need to foster a positive learning environment. Computer labs and community lounges provide the perfect place to study, worship, and create new, impactful friendships along the way.

Every story is one of a kind, and every circumstance unique in its own way. Our holistic approach to transformation invests in the development of the whole person, starting at the root cause of their homelessness. Through faith, personal, and professional development, we make sure each man is able to get back on their feet with the foundation they need to thrive.

If you or someone you know needs help, from overnight shelter to long-term addiction recovery, reach out to us here.

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